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Mustaqim is a small-scale publishing enterprise and Islamic, Educational, and Strategic Consultancy run by Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher and Associates, drawing on a wealth of experience and a vast network of professional, academic, and political contacts gained during the 15 years Dr Bleher served as general secretary of the Islamic Party of Britain and editor of its magazine Common Sense. The party's policies and back copies of Common Sense are archived on this website as are many of the books and pamphlets  published by Mustaqim.

Any organisation or individual wishing to reprint or copy the contents of any of the material featured on this website may do so as long as the information is kept in its original form, names of all authors and sources are kept intact and is used for non-malicious purposes. An acknowledgement and link to this website would also appreciated.

Researching and disseminating information costs time and money. We do not use advertising on this site to offset those costs. You are, however, welcome to make a donation.

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